It takes special expertise to work with this material, and with over 28 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of leather, we at Hilmarket, can rightly call ourselves experts. Hilmarket has worked with leather at every stage - Be it in tanneries, sorting, cutting or on the sewing machine.

Hilmarket has handled styles ranging all the way from classics clean cut jackets to heavily treated and washed leather garments. Leather is an expensive product and we, at Hilmarket, understand its value. Therefore, to ensure that the best garments reach our customers, every garment is inspected by our QA team and even the smallest defects are rectified prior to shipment.

Leather is a challenging material to understand, being a natural substrate with varying quality and performance characteristics. If processed correctly, it can be a very versatile, stylish and practical material that can be used for making a variety of products ranging from apparel to furniture.

Hilmarket has worked with every quality of leather there is. Be it napa, suede, nubuck or split, we have the knowledge and vendor base to help you make the right choice in quality to suit your requirement. Having worked with so many designer brands and labels, if need be, we also have the ability to assist with styling, fitting and finishing of garments.